10 Basic Tools Every Sewist Needs



Hello!  We all need tools when we sew, and there are a few key tools you will absolutely need to get started with sewing.  As you increase your skills, you will be adding to your collection of sewing tools.

1. Pincushion. A must to hold all the pins in one spot.  Why not sew a cute pincushion to use?

2. Pins.  For my Seams Sew Cool classes, I like the long pins with colorful tops.  They are easy to see, as it is not-so-good idea to sew over pins....and they are easy to handle for little or big hands.  Available at your local fabric or craft store.

3. Point Turner.  This tool is great for pushing out corners and making them perfectly square.  Available at your local fabric store.

4. Seam Gauge. Oh yes, we do measure in sewing class, and we do use this tool a lot. It is a very awesome tool for precise measuring. Available at your local fabric store.

5. Seam ripper.  This tool is used to rip out those pesky seams that didn't turn out right.  Available at your local fabric store.

6. Water Soluble Marking Pencil.  This tool is used for marking lines or dots on your fabric, and comes in a range of colors for light or dark fabrics.  The marks wash away once the project is washed.  Available at your local fabric store or EZ Quilt online store.

7. Chakoner.  This is a real find, and one of my favorite tools.  Use this sweet little marker to create distinct, ultra-fine chalk lines on your fabric (which washes out with the first wash). This tool is hard to find in the fabric store, but you can pick one up at Sew Maris on Etsy.

8. Small Scissors.  A pair of rounded kid scissors is great for cutting threads at the sewing machine.  You can find them at any craft store.

9. Dressmaker shears.  Use these for cutting out your pattern and fabric.  There are scissors for right and left hands.  Available at your local fabric store.

10. Clear ruler.  I use this in conjunction with the Chakoner to draw straight, ultra-fine lines on the fabric.  This one is found at EQ quilt online.

There are many, many more tools, but these are just the basics to get started sewing.  I hope this helps you in your quest to start sewing.